Massive “Attack” Of Golden Puppies

Another adorable footage is here to make your day! This video shows a massive attack – if only we could call it that- of golden retrievers puppies.

The proud owner of 9 Golden Retriever puppies decided to film the funny moment when he let all the puppies out of a box inside a rather small apartment.


The box was only used for the main purpose of shooting this video, the puppies were not held on it against they will and they were immediately released. I can assure you they are all well taken care of.


After a few weeks of joy with 9 Golden Retriever puppies, his owner thought it was time to have some fun in his 800sqft apartment. Once they get out of the box they were so excited they started desperately running towards his owner to giving him the best kind of love -puppy love-.

If anything I’m sure this should be a used as therapy.

No one could stay sad with this pile of puppies giving love all around your entire body.

Release the mini-krakens!


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