Marshmallow The Adorable Holland Lop Bunny

The Holland Lop Bunny is a cute breed of rabbit originative of Netherlands. They are characterized for beeing a small bunny even when they are adults and a wide short body. The most important feature of these animals is their long ears wich falls on either side of their heads.


In this video, we can see a day in the life of the Holland Lop Bunny named Marshmallow while he does the things that he like, these bunnies are great and domesticable pets for anyone who likes to have a furry companion in his house.

There are a large number of colors and groups in this bunny breed. Some examples include chestnut agouti, chinchilla, chocolate and opal in the “Agouti” group, tortoise, seal, smoke pearl and sable points in the “Shaded” group and cream, fawn, frosty, orange, and red in the “Wide Band” group.


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