Cute Baby Otters Swimming In The Tub

You might not want to click on the above video of a baby otter learning to swim, but I implore you to think otter-wise. In this cute video a bunch of little baby otters gracefully swim in the tub.

These otters were taken cared by Nurtured By Nature, a non-profit organization to foster healing relationships between children and animals.


These three baby Asian small-clawed otters are about nine weeks old, and since baby otters have to learn how to swim, they put them in the tub with a little water at first, then make it a little deeper each time until they get more and more comfortable with swimming.


This is their fourth time in the water since they were born.

While these little friends carry on with their swimming lessons we can just relax and enjoy all of their cuteness.

Forever loving otters!


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