Monkey and Dog Share Cheerios For Breakfast

We all know monkeys can be pretty emphatic towards others species -human and nonhuman-. We also know Chihuahuas are not famous for their trusting sympathy, but this exotic and dynamic duo is making your breakfast look boring with all of those Cheerios and kisses. 


Boo, a Capuchin monkey, made a new friend this morning when shared some Cheerios with a Louie – a Chihuahua dog-. 

This is definitely one of the most adorable videos I have seen in a while.


The video captured Boo offering Cheerios to Louie while she licked them all out of his own hands. We can tell they will remain good friends.

This is another unimaginable friendship that came here to bright our day.

I dare you have a sweetier meal than these two. Boo loves Louie!

You can keep in touch with Boo stories on YouTube.



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