Narcoleptic Kitten Keeps Falling Asleep

This narcoleptic kitten falls asleep right on his owners legs.

Some of us, had always thought-out about having that cat life just eating, sleeping and cuddling all the day long. Personally, that would be the closest thing to happiness I could ever dream off -just kidding-. 


The footage shows how this cute little kitten keeps falling asleep despite the annoying petting his owners is giving him.

After every time the owner intentionally disturb his sleep, he would open his eyes with the most cute grumpy look on his face before immediately going back to sleep. 


Maybe I should recall that this kitten should not be disturb while sleep time given the fact that kittens needs lots of it during their earlier developments. Nonetheless, I just couldn’t resist the cuteness of this video and had to share it!

Have a blast with this fun and grumpy kitten… so he can go back to sleep any time soon. 



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