Genious Cat Drinks From Water Cooler

This lovely video introduces us to Masuka, a sweet pet who is probably the smartest cat you will ever meet. In the footage, we can clearly see how he manages to press on the water dispenser and drink from a human-use cooler. 

Some had started calling him the genius cat, and it is not actually far from that.


But the truth is, we often ignore that cats and dogs are equally intelligent. Dogs skills help out in many human activities, since rescuing on fires to drugs searching.

But what most people don’t know is that cats are juts as capable as dogs when it comes to using tools and learning skills, the only difference is that cats are too stubborn to be trained, and maybe too small to participate in some activities. Nonetheless, we should not underestimate them. 


The best example is Masuka, she has his own water bowl but hilariously prefers to drink from the water cooler and he doesn’t even need any help or getting it!

I guess Masuka realized that his bowl water was not as fresh as the cooler water and decided to take the matter literally by his own hands. If a cat can do this by his own, imagine what they could do if they were trained. 

Cat lover or not, I can assure you will have a blast with this video!


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