Mama Bulldog Relaxes While Feeding Her Pups

This is so adorable it almost looks staged, although, I can assure is not.

The footage shows a big proud mama bulldog comfortable laying on her back and relaxing while seven newborn puppies suck milk out of her. 


Some human moms complain about how painful it is to breastfeed and believe me, I know it is. But apparently, for this new mama bulldog, this is not the case.

This footage is not only heartwarming but funny as well. The lovable mama bulldog looks just like my mom relaxing on a beach day after a pair of cocktails and a good meal. 


I think we can all beat this would be a pretty caring and patient mom.

So if you are having a stressful day at home, just remember the inspirational example this mama bulldog gave us, take a deep breath and just relax.

There is anymore to say but congrats to this loving new mama and good luck to the owners!


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