Parrot Furiously Squawks When Owner Stops Petting Her

Birds are America’s fourth favorite pet, parrots can be incredible if demanding friends and Tweety is definitely one of them.

I have to admit that this funny video kinda remains me of myself every time my boyfriend stop caressing me.

An estimated 14 million birds live in captivity across the United States, a great many of them parrots. With their captivating colors, acrobatic antics and often silly personalities, these avian characters are hard to resist.

On the hilarious footage, we can see a spoiled parrot furiously cackling and demanding love when his owner stops petting her.


Tweety gets very angry the moment her owner removes his hand after a loving head-scratch. 

Some people may think parrots can be a boring pet, I’m sure they don’t imagine the intimate level of interaction and communication they have with humans.

So no wonder why she LOUDLY demands to be cuddled!


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