Shocked Fisherman Finds Rare Fish With BLUE FLESH

I actually had some hard time accepting the unbelievable fact this video shows. 

I take my job very seriously and try my best to don’t post false or staged videos, so when I find this footage going around social media and I did the proper confirmation… MY MIND WAS TOTALLY BLOWN! 


A seasoned spear fisherman has cut into a lingcod to find it had blue flesh!          

The fisher filmed himself catching the fish and uploaded the video to Instagram, the clip displays a man swimming through deep waters, where he spots a lingcod hiding between rocks.


The video shows the man filleting the lingcod to reveal its flesh, which its results to be the same shade of blue as the water.

But do not freak out, this is not a supernatural occurrence, after digging in a little bit on the net, I found out that around 20 percent of lingcods have blue or turquoise flesh.

The colour is produced by the lingcod’s diet, which includes large amounts of chlorophyll.

I know our moms always told us to never eat blue food, but am I crazy or that fish looks truly yummy? 


Extra Worldnews 

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