Toddler Plays With 6-Foot Long Python

 I don’t know if this is cute or upsetting.

Although snakes are indeed majestic animals I have never been a big fan of reptiles, nonetheless, I don’t know enough about them as pets to truly know if is safe to let them be around children.

Apparently, this girl parents do know and have no issue introducing the huge python pet to their child. 


A two-year-old girl loves to hug and play with a huge 6-foot python and her parents are all too happy to let her to do so.

Pythons squeeze their prey to death before swallowing them whole and are known to hunt animals as large as pigs, deer, and even alligators. So I’m pretty sure it would not have any problem digesting a two-year-old toddler. 


Nevertheless, snake pets owners said snakes are perfectly safe to play with if you give them the right amount of care and food. They said bad owners are what give snakes pets a bad reputation. 

Most of the snakes in the pet trade have lovely temperaments and are great to hold, but if you have an owner who never gets them out of their cage then the snake will not get used to being handled.

If you teach the child to handle it the right way and obviously under the parents guidance and fulfilling the proper codes, should not be any problem.

Anyway, even if this video is terrifying it is also adorable. I mean, the brave little girl is even kissing the python! 

The positive side of this video reflects on teaching children to respect and love all kinds of animals instead of being afraid or using violence against them, and that is something to be proud of.


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