Livestock Guard Dog Drinks Fresh Milk Directly From The Source

There is nothing like fresh cow milk in the morning right? 

This doggie thinks so too, and he is happily waiting for a treat after a hard work morning.


Maple,  a livestock guardian dogs, always sit close by at milking time in hopes of getting a treat or two of nice warm milk from a milk cow named Bonnie.

Too much milk is not good for dogs, but a little treat like this of raw milk once in a while is fine. 

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It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Watch as this dog patiently wait their turn to get a squirt of some of that fresh milk straight from the cow.

These pooches know when their owner is finishing up with the cows, they will more likely than not get a little treat in the form of a squirting nipple.

See for yourself!



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