Clever Dog Picks Out His Own Treats At Store And Pays For Them Too

Sometimes forget just how amazingly intelligent dogs are!

When it comes to bringing pets into a pet store, most stores require pets to be on leashes. However, this pup is so well-trained and supervised that we suspect this store makes an exception for him

This adorable dog surprised a cashier – an other clients- at a pet store when he politely approached to the cash by his own in order to pay for his favorite treats.

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The adorable dog showed that he was very self-sufficient. He picked out his own treats and placed it into the basket. He also handed the cash to the cashier to pay for the items.

In the video we can see how the adorable dog enters the store in the company of its owner. However, the owner does not do more than follow him around the store, where he takes his favorite treats with his mouth and places it inside the basket.

As if it were not enough, the cute dog delivers the treats to the cashier without anyone’s help.


After, the proud owner handed a bill to the dog, who immediately pays for his trinkets to the cherfull cashier.

By paying attention to the way the proud owner looks at his dog the whole time and give him directions, I can tell this doggie must be trained, but it is still very impressive.

The only sad part is… This doggie is more polite than most people!



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