Great Danes Play Hide And Seek With Little Girl

A pair of Great Danes impressively dominate a game of hide and seek with their best friend.

They’re able to find where she is every time!

So fun!


An only child would never be really alone or bored if he has two giants and faitful dogs at his side to play and have fun for hours!

Who said that big dogs are dangerous? In my opnion, this may be the safest girl on the planet. 


A young child growing up with a Great Dane may develop a false sense of security around all other dogs. Since they’ve grown accustomed to a giant, children can often view any smaller dog as non threatening.

Did I ever tell you that the only dog that ever bit me was a Chihuahua?

However, a kid should never be left unattended with a dog.

Playing hide and seek have never been son fun before!!


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