Goat Jumping Around On Elastic Bed

I present to you the newest YouTube sensation… a goat jumping on an elastic bed. Yes, you heard me.

The video shows a little boy jumping and playing on the elastic bed while a goat tries to break the safety net.

This crazy goat was quite excited about the elastic bed!

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Finally, the goat manages to destroy the security net and makes his way into the elastic bed, not without before giving an odd look at the camera.

Then the goat started excitedly jumping around the elastic bed over and over again.

The little kid seems to be totally scared when the goat master to join him in the elastic bed, but seriously, who wouldn’t? 

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Even dough this footage is real funny it is also kind of frightening. I honestly do not think is safe to let a child jumping on an elastic bed alongside a full-grown goat.

 It is amazing what would people do just to get a viral video going. 

And they surely did it, this is actually TO DIE FOR.

Indeed, the only thing I do know for sure is that this goat can jump and make us laugh. 


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