Adorable Baby Argues With Anoyed Bulldog

In this hilarious video, this adorable baby makes his case with the family Bulldog.

In this YouTube video, the baby seems to be trying to explain something to or argue with the poor pup, who was distinctly annoyed by the toddler. 

At this age, babies tend to star talking nonsenses. What with don’t know is that they are saying perfectly rational thoughts, they just can’t manage the right words to come out of their mouths!


The baby girl was apparently demanding something important, if only we knew what she’s trying to say.

The dog just stares at the baby as he babbles away– and after about 30 seconds, gives up and collapses in an exhausted heap!

This babbling baby is so lovable I can even handle it!

Watch the adorable baby argue with her dog.
It’s soo cute!


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