Guy Uses Longboard To Walk His Husky

This video is an accurate representation of my life hopes and dreams… I am loving the speed this Husky gives to his owner ride.

This is certainly an innovative and fun manner of walking your dog!

I could be a little be risky, though, here are some tips for having a nice ride with your dog:

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Even if you’ve picked the least distracting time of all, there will always be something to throw you and your dog off. Whether it’s a rabbit, a loose dog, or even a large crack, it’s important to always be ready to bail if necessary.

Razz and his owner have been walking this way ever since he was 1 year old. They would do about 2 miles a day with Razz pulling his owner on a long-board.

Considering that he is around 9 now, they must have done around 6,000 miles together!



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