Serious Cat Gets A Haircut

For starters, cats indeed need haircuts.

Getting one’s hair cut can be an emotional experience. Apparently not for this cat! He es quite serious and even relaxed while getting a haircut.

This cat is not impressed with his haircut at all, he is even enjoying it. This white and gray cat had to make a trip to the pet stylist in order to get its fluffy face trimmed up and looking clean.


The video displays a cute cat patiently waiting while he gets a haircut, the cutest part is his little haircut coat with a tiny pink bow on it! 

Yet when pretty much everybody knows how difficult cats are with haircuts appointments, giving a haircut may prove to be simple and even relaxing, just as it can be a tedious, stressful and unsuccessful task. It actually depends more on your cat’s personality rather than anything else.

Definitely, sometimes a shave is necessary

So adorable!


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