Top 10 Over Protective Dogs

The fact that a dog is over protective doesn’t mean that he will be dangerous to everyone. Is always a good factor and recommendation to socialize them when they are young or they will protect only their family from the rest of the world and this is something that we don’t want.


This is a list of the top ten protective dogs in the world, the winners of this positions are in order: 10 Bullmastiff, 9 Chinese Shar-Pei, 8 Tibetan Mastiff, 7 Standard Schnauzer, 6 Great Pyrenees, 5 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, 4 Anatolian Shepherd Dog, 3 Doberman Pinscher, 2 Cane Corso, and finally the number 1 German Shepherd Dog.

Is a common thing that the figurants of this list are mostly shepherd dogs, this may be because they have to take care of la lot of other animals and this is in their blood.

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