Man Shares Unforgettable Moment With Wild Deer

This footage it is so adorable, I’ve had always wanted this to happen to me!

As you may know, deers are actually rather hard to see in the woods, even more, to had some type of interaction with them. They are so used to being a hunting target they are pretty much afraid of humans.


But this video shows that if you sit quietly and patiently in the woods for long enough, the animals can sometimes become curious. It also helps when they can smell apples and carrots and even hear the crunching of these tasty treats.


These deer live in a very remote area where their rare encounters with humans are non-threatening.

Apple chunks on the ground brought the first deer close as Chris sat still. With very slow and careful movements, he was able to hold out some of his food to share with a beautiful doe. 

You can see the joy on his face that comes from earning the trust of a wild creature!

So cute!!


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