Horse Obsessed With Unzipping Zippers

This is so hilarious… A horse figured out how to unzip zippers and he’s soo into it. The footage, shot in a stable in New Jersey, US, shows the horse quickly moving towards the young woman’s shirt.

Then he grabs the woman’s zipper and gently moves it up and down, showing off his skills at manipulating human clothing. The woman appears nervous at first but soon explodes in laughter.

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This video made me laugh so hard, and I found it much unique too, the fact that a horse would actually enjoy unzipping zippers, but after doing a little investigation, turns out that there are many just like it.

Maybe they like the sound zips make as they are pulled up, or perhaps they are mesmerized by the smooth joining mechanism, but apparently, there is something about zippers that all horses love.

Weird, right? 


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