Rescued Baby Elephants Drinking Milk From Bottles

Just when you thought baby elephants couldn’t get any cuter, they have.

The Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN) is a project born of an agreement between Wild is Life and the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority.

Wild is Life has been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife for nearly 20 years, and thanks to the organization, the ZEN project is currently now caring for five orphaned elephants.

Capture biyhuuyo

Two-year-old females Sizi and Moyo both had difficult starts in life. Moyo was found alone as a tiny baby on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe., and Sizi was discovered wandering alone while severely hydrated and it is thought that she became orphaned because of poaching.

Now, I’m happy to announce they are stronger and healthier than ever! Every day they get fed with a specially formulated milk and by their reaction I can tell they love it.

This video is so emotional and touching in so many ways… I adore it!



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