Puppy Born Without Front Legs Loves To Play

Meet Nubby, the puppy born with only two legs. And in spite of his disability, Nubby is still playful and totally adorable.

When Nubby was just four hours old, a veterinarian suggested he be euthanized. And while his mother didn’t reject him, Nubby didn’t have the strength to get past the other puppies to eat.


Lou Robinson, Nubby’s foster owner, tells The Dodo. “He came home with me.” Robinson is a longtime animal rescuer based outside Houston, Texas, and founder of a group called Warriors Educate About Recue.

Compassionately care for all animals, no matter the shape they are brought into this world.

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Regardless what others may think… to me, this dog is absolutely beautiful!!

Disable doggies are capable of being an extraordinary pet as much as any other.

So inspiring!!




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