Macaw Tells Boxer ‘Don’t Bite’

This is so cute!

The video shows Mr. Mayi a 12-years-old blue and gold Macaw, saying “DONT BITE, NO NO” to his boxer friend.

Mr. Mayi climbs down from his cage to visit his 2-year-old boxer friend, Rascal all the time! When Rascal get’s too close, Mr. Mayi lays down the rule, saying, “Don’t bite!”


We can tell they are actually good friends, the boxer is simply playing in a non-aggressive way with the macaw… while receiving a lesson about manners.

Macaws can live to be 60 years old and are a serious commitment! These birds need 2-3 hours of playtime outside of their cage every day and can get very loud. 

The macaw has such a surprisingly deep, human-sounding voice… Love it!


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