Swimming Pigs Interrupt Model Photoshoot On Caribbean Beach

Now that’s a truly beach babe!

This video shows a beautiful model laying on the sand beside the ocean, posing for a sexy photo shoot when a couple of little pigs swam up to her and interrupted her glamorous moment.

The woman was celebrating her birthday with a nice vacation and when she sat in the shore break at the beach hoping to get a good picture, a little pig swam up and greeted her. Apparently, these pigs are lucky enough to swim every day in the crystal waters of the Bahamas.


Pig Island, or Big Major Cay as it is officially known, is blessed by a string of neighboring islands that protects it from waves caused by tropical storms.

The pigs are believed to have been introduced to the island by passing sailors who may have thought they would make a good food source. However, the sailors never returned and all the lucky pigs now live on their tiny paradise.

Believe it or not, this pig beach it is actually one of the luxuries in the world. 

Enjoy it!



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