Female Peacock Protects Her Man

Stay away from my man!

This video it is truly interesting, the video shows a male peacock demanding for the attention of two females.

Now here is the funny story, while the male peacock displays his beautiful and colorful wings in front of two females, the dominant female ignores the peacock until the second female tries to come in and get his attention.


That sounds familiar, right? I guess we can notice resemblances between peacock dating and human dating.

Among human dating, It is actually common that an average male becomes extra attractive if he is desire be many other females. Well, it is not far from that in the peacocks dating world.

When I see behaviors like this, I remember just how close we actually are from the animal world. Despite what we may presume, we are all conditioned by nature, not the other by around.

Creating jealousy it is one of the oldest tricks in the book!

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