Otter Trolls An Annoying Dog

This video shows an otter peacefully swimming, yet, she grew annoyed when a dog started barking at her. Consequently, the vicious otter decided to get some payback at the noisy dogie.

The footage shows the labrador loudly barking at the side of a river while the otter dives in and out through the water, thoroughly frustrating the labrador. Next, the otter pokes its head out of the water and dares the dog by swimming very close to him, and then dip into the water as the labrador moves closer.


To finish her revenge, meanwhile the dog was pretty close, the otter popped out of the water when he wasn’t expecting it and makes the labrador scared and jumps in shock.

 Looks like the intelligent otter played a little hide and seek trick on the dog. After all, they are the dogs of the sea! Hilarious!

That should teach him no to be so annoying…

Although maybe the dog was just trying to play, he chose to mess with the wrong otter. LOL 

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