Skilled Dogie Is Too Lazy To Walk Down The Stairs

This adorable video shows a labrador dogie sliding down the stairs. It looks like he hasn’t completely mastered the technique for walking down the stairs yet. Another good possibility is that he is just too lazy to try it!

Instead of walking, the skilled dog gets on his belly, puts his front paws on the step and then, without any hesitation, decides to slide himself down with style.


This is just too hilarious, and thankfully, his owners filmed the amusing incident for everyone to see. The cute labrador has his stair surfing routine polished to a fine art. He slides with such precision!

But maybe it is time for him to finish learning how to walk down the stairs properly. Sometimes, when puppies are still learning, they first discover how to walk up the stairs but get frightened when it comes to walking down. So they find funny alternatives!

This is the only animal video you need to see today!

Enjoy it, it’s brilliant!


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