Cute Kitten Uses Exercise Ball As Bed

Cats are known for loving a warm, soft and comfy bed, but this cute kitten has unusual preferences. However, it might not be as unusual as you may think. As a devoted cat owner, I know for a fact that cats like to lay in the most absurd places, like intricated furniture or laptops.

But this adorable pal has taken it to the next level! The video shows a cute kitten, named Oprah, peacefully resting on an exercise ball. Yes, you heard me right, A BIG EXERCISE BALL, and this kitty makes it seems like is the easiest thing in the world.


Some could find hard to stay on top of a ball, but since cats have amazing balance, balancing on top of this ball its a piece of cake for this little kitty.

The truth is cats enjoy very much performing balance, it is almost one of their favorite games. Once a kitten had found his total balance, he can unwind and chill out without any problem.

What an adorable little kitten!

This kitty must fell like she’s on top the world!



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