This Blind Cat is a Genius

Jonas is a cat who was rescued as a neglected kitten, he had lost both eyes to a critical, untreated infection. But his disability is not a problem for him, he is just as capable as any kitten, even more for that matter.

When a couple of his owner’s friends asked if he’s able to get around the house like a “normal” cat, the loving owner decided to get some proofs of his intelligence and abilities. 


This video shows the cat flawlessly following spoken instructions and navigating the house without any problem. On the footage, we can see the adorable cat looking for his plate of food in the kitchen but when the owner says “Jonas go to the bathroom”, he immediately starts walking in a very graceful manner his way up to the bathroom, where his foods at.

His owner says anything can get in his way when food is involved. Usually, cats do whatever they want, wherever they want, but this exceptional kitty follows spoken directions right away.

This is totally impressive… He remembers every step of the way to get to each room in the house. Forget the blind part, it’s amazing that a cat can even understand and follow instructions!

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