Beachgoers Help Wandering Crab To Find New Shell

This footage shows a group of good people, helping out a homeless hermit crab to find a new shell in a gorgeous beach day.

When the group of beachgoers came across the cute tiny hermit crab without a shell, they decided to assist him to find a new home. The great news is that this animal’s search for a home was all captured on video!

They gathered a broad diversity of shells for the crab while he promptly checked out each one. After declining some of them, the adorable tiny crab finally found the perfect one, dragged into his new home and speeded off to his ventures!


The hermit crab uses a shell to protect its thin body and prevent it from drying out in the sun. This buddy found his proper protection, what a charming happy ending!

This is a reminder of how valuable it is to help an animal in need no matter how small they may be. Every living creature matter the same!

This is just too sweet… I haven’t seen anything so adorable in my life!


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