Dog Caught Hiding Whole Sandwich In His Mouth

This video shows a dog who stole an entire sandwich and almost gets away with it by hiding it in the most unimaginable place. Well, not really, it was pretty obvious. But it is terribly adorable how this dog hides his crime with such elegance.

As we all know, doggies are always on the look for treats, particularly tasty human food, although we are uncertain of how he steal it, we do get to witness the aftereffect. His owner appears to know where the sandwich is, but the dog tries to play it cool.


What he don’t know is he isn’t as sneaky as he thinks he is! I think hilarious would be a  better term for this clever dog.

As his owner repeatedly asks him where is her sandwich, but he looks the other way like nothing wrong. But after the owner pushes a little bit more, he opens his mouth and the sandwich falls out. 

What a silly dog!

This dog is actually pretty good at looking innocent. So adorable!

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