Happy Bunny Having Fun At The Beach

This mini lop rabbit is going for a walk at the beach. Snickers, the lop rabbit, has an interesting life, his owner takes him on a lot of trips and he enjoys his time while on a leash. This happy bunny loves having amazing beach days like this one!

The video shows Snickers talking a walk at the beach and playing in the dunes. He even seems to enjoy the salt water and goes for a short swim.


It’s not a great thing to take bunnies there in the summer because of its way too hot.
But in the winter, when it’s sunny but not too cold, bunnies LOVE the beach! Wow, that’s a really confident and fearless rabbit, just facing the waves like that, without any hesitation.

This video should be putting a smile on your face cause it’s so pure and happiness!!

This is one of my favorite songs in the whole world, it puts me in such a good mood!

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