Smart Dog Blames Fart On Someone Else

This footage shows an adorable dog standing ahead of her owner when a fart noise is heard. Then her owner begins asking “Think you just fart, did you fart?”, and the discerning dog instantly started shaking her head giving a negative answer.

This dog its clever know hows to fart and get away with it. She’s a classy lady, of course, she’s going to deny it. She even sounds like it’s saying nu uh, so funny!

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My favorite part of the video is when her owner ask “Was it mom that farted?” and the clever doggie started nodding her head like saying yes. She saw the opportunity to blame the fart on someone else and took it. This is so cute, it seems like the dog is actually understanding what her owner is saying, and

This is so cute, it seems like the dog actually understands what her owner is saying, and replies by saying yes and no with her head. I had so time without seeing such an intelligent dog! 

This video is absolutely hilarious, a quick-thinking dog will make your day… Enjoy!


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