Genious Doggie Pretends To Be Harmed

When I saw this video, first I felt bad for the poor dog, but then I just felt deceived.

Have you ever watched your dog suddenly start lagging without getting harmed? Or had you seen your dog get hurt, but after an apparant recovery, starts limping again? Yes, It is not a myth, dogs could indeed be faking injuries to get attention.


Maybe it’s because when dogs get injured, usually, people in general, gives them more care and attention. Whatever, this dog definitely knows precisely how to get love and attention from the animal-loving members of the citizens.

The clip displays a dog dragging itself on its back legs as if they had got harmed or broken before miraculously started walking on when a man came up to help him. Just like children, dogs don’t connect this kind of trickery with dishonesty, they just understand that this behavior gets them what they want.

I didn’t know dogs were that smart, or desperate to get attention!

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