Safari Guide Has Close Encounter With An Elephant

When we call on someone for having nerves of steel, we will probably be referring to the impressive ability to be brave and calm in a dangerous or difficult situation. These trackers did it smoothly! 
The safari guides did exactly the right thing by remaining calm while an elephant properly sniffed him out. The truth is, chances are it could have ended very differently if he had panicked. Me, personally, I would have fainted in that sitting position no questions ask.


The video shows the safari guide remaining plant still as an adult elephant checked him out as he sat on an observation chair at the front of the vehicle. It is important for tourists to know they shouldn’t be trying anything like this dough.

This elephant was actually elephant was doing a nice gesture and claiming for food, but, when nothing was offered, they just keep walking and finding their way in peace. What an amazing meeting!

How calm would you be in this situation?

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