Prince, The Cutest Baby Lamb Tucked Into Bed

This video is beyond cuteness overload, it is just simply too much!

The footage shows an adorable baby lamp, named Prince, getting tucked in bed by his loving owner. The video was filmed in Miami, USA, and it can be seen the cute white lamb laying on the bed just like a human and then being tenderly petted. It’s not hard to tell how much he loves it!


The proud owner added the follow description along with the cute video: “My gorgeous Prince lamb, tucked up nice and snug in his bed. We had a wedding yesterday, so it was a big day for him. Prince stays like this until morning and because I still haven’t finished renovating my bedroom, I’m sleeping on the couch next to him. (…) This little baby was stolen from his mother within hours of his birth, he should be with her”.

So adorable!

After watching this, now I am seriously thinking about getting a lamb! So cute!

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