Wiggling Worm Scares Little Kid

A toddler tomfoolery is always the best way to go when it comes to funny animal videos, and believe me, this one is a pretty hilarious one!

The video shows a little boy talking a walk with his family when he saw a worm on the sidewalk. Instantly interested and curious about this new discovery, decides to get close and examine the rare creature.


Yet, the funny part comes when reaches down to pick it up. The frightened worm jumps up and started wiggling, ultimately terrifying the adorable toddler, who immediately runs away in his tears.

This little boy is crying like he juts saw a monster under his bed, so funny! I understand dough, worms are truly weird looking, plus they feel kinda odd. 


It is hard not to laugh at this boy exaggerated profound misery, lol.

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