Beautiful Cat Tucks Herself Into Bed

This is Meow Meow, a 9-year-old cat that was rescued from the shelter and now lives the sweet simple life with her beloved owner. The cute kitty has an established routine, she likes to tuck herself into bed in the morning after she is done with breakfast.

Most cats sleep just about anywhere, but this kitty especially loves her owner’s bed, she tucks herself in every morning and snuggles under the covers. It’s SOO cute and funny, what a spoiled cat! 


The video shows the adorable cat jumping on top of the bed, then getting under the covers and comfortably tucking her furry body underneath the sheets. Thereupon, the adorable kitty gets her head out the blanket and look at the camera with an unquestionable proud expression on her face.

It’s so funny they way she looks at the owner like saying “I’m so smart, I get tucked in bed without any human help”. But certainly, she still needs some petting and that she can’t do by herself.

This adorable kitty has a solid morning nap-time routine!!

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