Toddler Comforts A Kitty

I’m loving this video so much!!

The footage shows a baby girl cuddling with a sickly kitten while comforting and assuring him in the most caring way ever. Even dough is actually a bit hard to get what the little girl is saying, is pretty evident they are all kind words and consolations.

This sweet toddler and cat are inseparable friends. Earlier that day, the cat had gotten sick and threw up. Since then, the little girl then spent the rest of the day talking about how concerned she was for her kitten.


Later that evening, she cuddled up next to him and caress him as she chatted words of comfort. I’m totally in love with this adorable girl, she cares so much is not only deeply heartwarming but almost ridiculously funny.

This baby girl has a truly big heart, and this kitten is beyond lucky to have her around for good.

I hope the kitten has gotten better. And honestly, with all that love and care how couldn’t he?

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