Cat Approves Owner’s New Girlfriend

Let me introduce you to Tonto, the Bengal cat. He obviously loves his human very much but, would Tonto like this new addition to his family? Or would he feel jealous for his human’s attentions? Well, apparently not.

The video displays Tonto being instantly in love with his human new girlfriend. So much that he showed her in a slightly unusual way, Tonto laid on her face as if it were his new pillow, he clearly found her very comfortable! 


“I think he might like Emma a little bit.” Khaled Spiewak said. I think that if he could speak human, Tonto would have replied “Your new girlfriend is comfortable. Good choice, human!”

You know what they said, once the cat approves the girlfriend, marriage is just around the corner. Hilarious!

Your face pleases me human!!

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