Incredibly Fluffy Blow Dried Bunny

This adorable bunny loves to get a blow dry to volumize his stylish haircut. The awesome video shows an adorable bunny getting blow dried until his fur is completely fluffy. I think I haven’t seen that much fluffiness before!

I know this video makes you want to do this to the nearest bunny, but be aware. There are multiple claims that bathing a rabbit can cause a fatal stock, although at the same time there are multiple videos online of bunnies getting a bath.


Just like cats, rabbits are generally self-cleaning, a rabbit bath would only be required in extreme cases. And when it comes to that, you should know a wet rabbit can quickly become hypothermic. That’s the reason why you have to be sure to thoroughly blow dry the bunny until is dry and fluffy.

That way, you will be taking good care of your bunny, and building a better world by bringing infinite fluffiness to it! SOOOO CUTE!!


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