Relaxing Bath For A Pregnant Dog

AWWW this adorable golden retriever has a special glow that could only have one explanation: she’s pregnant!

The video shows a caring owner giving a relaxing bath to his pregnant dog, and she sure does looks to be enjoying it very much. She stays calm and still while receiving spume messages on her precious tummy.

This is so heartwarming, she is smiling during the whole video!


A pregnant dog needs grooming just as much as any other dog, but you must be careful of the stomach area, you should not be afraid of bathing her, but be cautious of the pressure placed on the abdomen.

Pregnancy can turn dogs into quite overprotective creatures so you might worry about whether you can clean her up without stressing her out. Don’t worry though, If your dog is already used to the process of getting a bath, she will be just as calm getting one when she’s pregnant.

What a beautiful mom to be, just look at that happy face!

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