Feeding Rescued Baby Penguin

This video is so cute… The footage shows a devoted volunteer from The Animal Sanctuary, delicately feeding a vulnerable rescued baby penguin. So sweet, I had always wanted to pet a penguin!

Freddie’, the young penguin was found starving on a New Zealand beach and his internal organs had begun to shut down, fortunately, these well-meaning people took good care of him.


Experts say that penguins under 500 grams cannot survive. So well, apparently Freddie is a miracle. He only weighed 390 grams but with dedicated treatment and care, he made it!!

Im glad all turn out great for this little pal… Now, that’s a happy penguin! Watching at devoted people making good actions for the less fortunate always puts a big smile on my face. I hope you too, ass well!!

Thanks to the TheAnimalSanctuary for making such an excellent altruistic work, that’s what I call being a true animal lover!

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