Cat Refuses To Be Apart From Newborn Baby

This footage is the living proof that CATS DO CARE ABOUT HUMANS!

The sweet video shows a cat lying next to a new born baby and watching him out just like if he were a dedicated babysitter. Presumably, the cat wouldn’t go away from the sleeping baby, so the parents decided to perform a test on him.


Then, the parents lift the cat, move it away from the baby, and placed it on a nearby couch. What happens when they try tp move the kitty is both amazing and heartwarming. 

Once the cat is put onto the other couch, the kitty immediately bounces back over to where her tiny human is sleeping and curls back up at her feet exactly like he was before. So sweet! This kitty loves the baby’s company so much!

Apparently, this cat doesn’t consider sharing as an option, he wants all the baby love for himself. How adorable is that?!

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