Cute Pigs Love Mini Cupcakes

NOW THIS IS THE KIND OF VIDEO I WANT TO SEE! Sounds crazy but sometimes, the silliest videos are the cutest and funniest!

Just like this video showing mini pigs eating tiny little cupcakes. The footage displays two cute pinky pigs eating the most adorable tiny desserts from an refined glass plate in what it seems to be a birthday party. So sweet!!


The lady pig is wearing a pink birthday hat and a ballerina tutu whereas enjoying very much her special treat, so ladylike! In the meantime, the mister pig join her to the party while wearing a little black bow.

I don’t know what looks cuter: the adorable little pigs in their elegant outfits or the delicious cupcakes they ate. The thing we know for sure is that these probably are the more distinguished pigs on earth.

Nom nom nom!

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