The Stella Bed Test

Meet Stella, a cute 3-year-old English yellow lab living with her family in northern New England.  Stella loves humans (she’d probably love you), and she lives to play. She has endless quirky and funny behaviors that are simply too entertaining to not document.

This time, Stella bring us a video of her solid bed test, where she decides which one is her favorite napping spot. It’s called The Stella Bed Test, enjoy it!


For starters, she goes on and tries the first bed, the Tiny Chair, she sure does look adorable in it! Then, she passes on to to the Green Bed (my personal favorite). And for last, but not less, she tries the Bean Bag. Later, it comes the moment of truth, which bed will Stella pick?

The phase 1 of the Stella Bed Test is complete and we have some results. Landed on based on prior observations, I truly thought she was going to choose the Green Bed, although, apparently the Bean Bag seems more amusing to her.

She’s so beautiful, I think I’m in love with her… For more Stella videos go visit Jody Hartman!


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