Adorable Kitty Thinks He’s a Baby

It’s truly becoming a new trend, cat cribs are here to stay!

This is Meesha, an adorable one-year old cat. Her parents thought It was finally time for him to get his own bed, and even dough this is a little doll crib, it would do perfectly because it’s just his size.

It is not a secret that cats absolutely loves cribs, and this could be a problem if its your baby’s crib. But don’t worry, there is a fair solution… just get a doll one for your cat! I promise he would love you until the end.


The video shows Meesha enjoying her new crib and playing inside of it with her favorites toys. He sure loos pleased, juts look at the pretty happy face.

From the moment he came home he knew it was his, he jumps in and out of it like it’s always been here. This is what happens when a kitty is an only kitty-child, they get spoiled rotten.

Such a beautiful kitty cat crib!

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