Funny Miniature Shetland Pony Running Around With A Bucket

Meet Kiwi, the Miniature Shetland pony who loves to play and run in his fairground field!

This video shows Kiwi having the time of her life with her favorite muck bucket. The footage displays the adorable tiny pony running around while pushing the blue bucket with his nose. Another prove that all we need to have fun is simply a little bit of imagination.

So funny!!


Kiwi runs in circles around the field using the bucket just as if it were a ball. While others may think they need a lot of tools to have fun, Kiwi shows us that when it comes to having a great time, almost anything would do!

Clearly, Kiwi is a playful one and shes here to bring joy to our humdrum days! Actually, this is a pretty deep lesson about life. Lets all follow Kiwi’s teachings and do the best we can with the little we have.

Have a great day… just like Kiwi!


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