Kitten Plays In Dollhouse

This baby kitten really fancies a pink dollhouse!

This video mixes up two of my favorite things in the entire world: kittens and girly pink tiny stuff. Apparently, a doll house isn’t just for little girls anymore! The adorable kitten, named Bella, loves to play in Barbie’s dream house.


The video shows Bella exploring the doll house, relaxing in the spa and even going into Barbie’s bed. Her owner said Bella awaits for Barbie to leave and then makes her way inside to help herself to the food in the fridge. Nonetheless, she is being very careful and respectful of Barbie’s home and belongings.

Barbie must be shocked because she can’t understand how Bella gets inside even when she remembers to lock the door every time (lol). I guess Barbie is not that quick.

Appreciations to kitty cat bliss for this wonderful video!

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