Kitten Cuddles And Licks Little Chick

This video is waaaay to sweet!

I love finding unusual animal friendships online, but this is just too much cuteness. The video shows a small kitten comfortably cuddling an licking an adorable tiny chick.

I am actually impressed by this footage, giving the fact that I have 3 cats and I had seen them trying to hurt little birds many times before. Fortunately, this cute kitten is here to teach us the exceptions beyond the stereotypes.


A Youtube user comment, “It’s actually tendering it for dinner tonight” (lol). Obviously, is nothing but a joke, I can tell these two pals are really good friends.

The way he is gently licking the little chick without causing any harm is simply heartwarming. And the little chick doesn’t even look scared at all, it’s truly enjoying the kitty love. And honestly, who wouldn’t love to rest on top of that soft fur?

Awww, so much fluffiness!

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